Bits and Things+Introduction+discussion

Just noticing that the "outline" at the end of the introduction isn't really parallel with the chapters.I think the difference is the course and the book. The outline is for the deep material gathered from everything I have learned so far. It is where you might arrive after learning by doing in the course and following that with a career full of experience applying all of your learning. And, of course, you will arrive at a different place and maybe share what else you have learned and what didn't seem quite right.


I want to keep the main focus of the "chapters" about a sequence to learn system and such, and still have a place for this material. Maybe as a "book", this is the main material and the course part is published as an appendix. It gets top billing on the website where the book is backgrounded.

--Gerry.....2018-06-30 08:09:45 UTC