expand_less Forgive me for assuming a lot of background on currencies (complimentary, alternative, fiat, whatever), and starting from the conclusion that we need systems of currencies with open rules (in the [[http://metacurrency.org/|Metacurrency]] sense, particularly ones designed to create [[http://flowplace.org|flows of shared wealth]].  I owe much to many who have contributed to these ideas, and much of this will be new so I take full responsibility for this development.  Further, I am inviting others to step forward and contribute to the work as it develops.  We intend to use the systems that we develop, to first develop the processes and technology experimentally and experientially.  Collectively, we have a great deal of experience creating shared assets, in open source software projects, in crowdsourced information resources and process arts innovations like open space meetings where the agenda itself is crowd sourced.  This is a large part of what I see emerging in the OWS movement.
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