Before anyone had much of a clue what electricity is and how it works, people who knew a little bit began to call themselves electritians, and it was a long way from what an electrician knows and does today. Whet they were doing would be considered science, the beginnings of the science of electricity and later electro-magnatism afer Maxwell described it with four equations. It turns out that they also describe electromagnetic waves which were soon discovered as radio waves. It turns out this is the same stuff as light and the rest of its extended spectrum.

Electricity can be dangerous at some voltages and frequencies, so make sure you or whoever is working with it know what you are doing, and have the appropriate licensing for your locale. Your old car only ever had 12 volts except for where it is boosted to make tiny sparks with the plugs, but an electric car can have several hundred volts at high currents so even more caution is needed here than with home wiring. Not only the DC batteries at up to 4-600 volts, but the  AC waveforms to drive the motors have a lot of power. These motor drives can also generate AC line waveforms. Since an electric car needs the AC-DC function (charging from the line or recovering energy in dynamic breaking) as well as the DC-AC.