expand_less The nature of an event is a localization of time and space of a transformation of some [[Resources]] by [[Agents]]. Different classes of [[Events]] will have different roles and specifications within systems of events. In this sense, [[Process]] is a way of defining groups of events, and when we identify regularities and patterns of events as different types of and instances of process, we are just moving to another level or granularity in a more complete layered systems model. In this system we will use, define and evolve from UML languages and related standards that can be effectively applied.
Events will nest according to scale/granularity. This is an instance of this pattern along the scale dimensions of the events involved. Synchronization in time and space is the essense of events and event based systems. In our federated data model, event sourcing principles make change flows more basic or foundational than states in our systems. Data structures are the results of histories of authored data transformations in a network.