expand_less My name is Gerry Gleason. I like to play with both things and ideas. You will find some biographical tidbits below and several attempts to present my identity professionally. Even though my technical chops are as good as ever, I need to create a wider account of my experience and thinking life than I have in the past. This site has long been a place where I could play with my ideas in writing, and I am beginning to prepare some pieces for wider publication.
A number of years ago, I began to think in terms that I can at most claim as a discovery. Someone described his work as Process Arts to refer to the arts related to fascilitating groups using different social processes. You might say this kind of architecture is human architecture or just architecture. All my resume experience is with technologies, but it also became clear to me about how we collaborate and coordinate in groups.
Next you will find resources in this "Wagn" instance. I taught myself  Ruby on Rails, and I have written some rather large change sets on this open source project, so I may be biased in claiming it is the best content management system available. Fundamentally Wagn remains community editable as a Wiki, but with support to make some content more restricted. For example, if you go to the [[Drafts]] card, unless you are logged in and have a special [[Role]], you won't see any content there. In this way I use the features of this tool I helped create so I can write drafts in a small group of collaborators and later publish them by simply changing the [[Cardtype]] to [[Basic]].
The links below are to other Decko cards, the unit of content of the system. They use features of the software to enable you to open their content in-line or as a page on the website. Other links are to [[Files]] that can be downloaded, which are yet another Decko feature.
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Recent Writings
Although this site is also an invitation to collaborate, it is first a place for me to write and think. Below is an evolving list pieces that are complete and edited enough to publish here. As noted above, the [[Drafts]] type card is a good place to see works in progress if you are a collaborator already.
This is an image that I like to use for myself. It was done by an artist hired for a conference friends of mine created using Open Space Technology, a process architecture I had recently experienced for the first time. This and another architecture proposed by someone who inspired me to begin to inquire into Collective Intelligence, Wisdom and Consciousness (CIWC). How would you produce it, enhance it and embody it as Global Wisdom Driven Organizations (GWDOs)? The artist generously gave us permission to share her drawing of each of us under Creative Commons terms. Here is the one she did for me:
It is through these ideas or architecture and design that I have been pursuing in thought and writing that I have come to see the importance of certain ideas in a broad range of fields. Christopher Alexander's concept of the Pattern Language in architecture has been applied in many fields, and I have even had some experience with communities trying to apply it in their field. It is a challenging task in any field to do justice to the process, and so we must be both critical and patient with the development of pattern languages.
I also discovered that architecture, as a field, is deeply engaged critical thought down to the bedrock of philosophy. And I don't know how pattern languages relate to Peircaen Semiotics except through the universal processes of inquiry that drove Peirce's thoughts in philosophy and logic. Alexander grounds his thought in the language of builders before architecture, when most of the knowledge was passed in the work of building and transmission of the physical practices of building. They are united in natural informational processes (signs, semiotics) that are the backdrop of all natural systems from cells through complex organisms to the social evolution of human symbolic practices. I also offer this biographical piece to frame my identity from a hackers perspective, one of play and exploration that has just begun.
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