Letter to Peter+discussion

I gather from your background that you would appreciate the potential of using Wagn to maintain a database of potential voters, etc.


Need better transitions, not sure what. "I gather", not so good. More like: Gerry is a contributor to Wagn, a wiki-like data tool that can be used for almost any data management/gathering/maintaining need. (or like that but smoother)


This ties in with peer to peer democracy.


I think you have some conversational background on P2P dem with him? Build on that and how we would offer to develop the code and social strategies in concert with his volunteers. Pitch that we can raise non-campaign moneys for a lot of this work and he could help us found a citizens organization to help do it.

--Gerry.....2017-05-19 19:56:36 UTC

Benkler, Wealth of Netwoks

Commons Based Peer Production (vs. markets of firms as two other 'modes of production')

--Gerry.....2017-05-19 20:01:37 UTC

Please give me a very brief summary (two-three sentences) of Benkler's book.

--Debbie.....2017-05-19 20:23:17 UTC