expand_less HadI towould writelike thisto  to share my thoughts with you personally. I have to admit I have become a bit of a fan of you and your work. I don't really do groupy at all. I like to identify as either/botheither as a Groucho Marxian who doesn't want to be a member of any group who would have him, or as a catholicCatholic heretic born too late to be burned at the stake like Bruno or any other fates that have met wise guy'sguys throughthroughout the ages.ages.  In our age, when herosheroes have arisen among the people, they have been gunned down in public and in their beds by fall guys or the FBI. I'm only a little older than you,you. I am  considered a boomer,Boomer, but barely so. It was my 60th birthday thison pastFriday,  April 33, 2020,  when I finally actually joined your Discord server.
I was hesitant because I know from experience some other Discord servers and the sorts who hang out there. I can handle a flame war, but it has never been productive use of onesone's time. Imagine my surprise at being banned without warning by some whipper snapper whining to the moderator that I was messing up their private trading tip room.room.  Just before I was banned, I asked in the #economics channel if anyone there was up on what you had to say about anything economic. Personally, as I said above, I am a fan and try to grok what I can of your public thoughts.thoughts.  LoveI love the authenticity of all of your conversations and the way you are open and vulnerable about your interests and loyalties.
My intuition tells me we can create value and help each other through some collaborations neither of us can imagine before we get a chance to talk, text, voice, whatever your poisen.poison. I took typing as an elective at Lane Tech. Chicago's Bronx Science. I took Fortran on punchcards and modem the last year and imagined I might be spending some years behind keyboards. I was never that fast, but knowing where the keys are helps. You always end up hunting the top row and edges for the punctuation and other syntax when programming.
What was yours in LA? Summary is MIT EECS in 3 years out of 5 BS in 83,'83, officially class of 82,'82, but the alumni association isn't clear on any of it.
I have some system designs and architectures half stuck in my head that could be important parts of Plan-B, or Plan-Omega (what's the final in Hebrew,Hebrew. I don't know that many).much). My Jewish wife teaches me more Yiddish all the time and I wanted to rib you about the "Yiddish Field". Was that "nu" or similar?
A few more tidbits, my first computer was a kit Z80 system. Best buddy built a "Sol 20 in a briefcase" and he was a circuit genius who nearly failed HS math. Worked at Victor of Victor 9000,9000.  I still have a prototype and original floppy collection.collection.  StartedThat was started about same time first IBM PCs shipped. Ours was way better but not compatible. Many more stories of almost success and general failure. I'm an artist of systems failure. DecendedI am descended by mairragemarriage from a "ruiner" who worked on Fermi's team in the days of the bomb.bomb.  Matter of fact, my wife, Debbie, has told me about a picture she recalls of her Uncle George Miller shaking hands with President Kennedy.  Furthermore she recalls seeing his name listed on a plaque at Smithsonian Museum. 
Many more stories. Would love to talk when we can in any channel. What will you pay (jk, my plan B is all gift economy theory)?
Warmest Regardsregards to you and family in these trying times.
Be well,