Semantic Alternation+quote

The process of structuring elements as semantic relationships is distinct from identifing, responding and in the holochain/ceptr context representing those relationships. We structure in writing the DNA and defining the components of entities that can be entries in a chain. We define in the DNA that a position is composed of two components, a lattitude and a longidute, and a those in turn are represented as number or strings in different formats. That activity is all of the first kind in this alteration.

In natural systems there is no designer performing this first activity and we come ready formed with abilities to classify qualia as signs, as semantic components and we learn a lot more from our cultures. This activity is largely invisible in natural systems and is the legacy from which we build artificial sematic structures and distinquish the first activity as something we do as human beings. The fascility of natural language is what we build all of our artificial and formalized semantic systems with. In the natural world this alteration takes place over long time scales where the systems of semantic structure evolve within their natural (autopoetic).

When we have capacities to structure semantic wholes and to do so in new and creative ways according to our needs as designers of holochain applications, we make the alternation visible and formal such that the cycle accellerates. We alternate between assembling some new structure of things, and assigning significance to components of that structure in that context. This means we assemble two numbers and call that one a latitude and the other a longitude. Or we assemble a bunch of bits into an integer and call that one 2^0 and the next 2^1 and so on.

Said differently, we alternate between structuring and naming elements or roles in the context of that structure. This process of alternation makes us inventors of languages and grammers. It gives us the creative capacities to make new worlds where abundance and scarcity are redefined structurally.