Systems, Assemblages and Articulations+discussion

Hey Gerry. I think I'm successfully on wagn. Had to reset my password.

--Matthew Schutte.....2017-04-05 00:39:03 UTC

You may not have gotten one because I approved without verification. So, reset was the right way to fix that.

--Gerry.....2017-04-05 00:43:59 UTC

When I created this Talk Cardtype, I was thinking about something like a "short TED talk", more like five minutes than twenty. I imagined that I might make videos of the best when the writing is done. I think I may still make an audio recording.

So, I definitely welcome expanding bits of it in terms of story, but for my own crafting of this, I'm trying to do something in a certain space. I welcome help and feedback on that too, just trying to clarify what I want in this specific piece. You are welcome to craft and expansion/response as a card (say a new Talk card) or however it makes sense for you.

--Gerry.....2017-04-05 14:25:46 UTC