Wagn Weals

An extension to Wagn that integrates FlowSpace ideas as Wagn cards and types.


Building of the idea of "weal" that is related to "wealth" as "heal" is to "health".  This make the idea a process, not a thing.  We don't accumulate health, but we can build it, likewise with wealth.  It is a property of a community that must be carefully built and protected, in the way an individual must care for their physical health or be unable to maintain themselves.


We also use weal as a noun to be the at the core of the data models for FlowSpace software now under development, and therefore will be at the center of integrating these two projects.  As a noun it refers to the identifiable actions that contribute to building shared wealth, and with the prototype we see them appearing as phases in action cycles, intentions, proposals, promises, actions, acknowledgments and so on.  The demo give us an idea of how this might work, but the deepest intentions of this project is not to create a single way this should be done, but provide a platform for innovation.  Here we want to explore the possibility of using the flexibility of the Wagn platform to create a cardtype for weals that would allow a wagneer to create his or her own wealing patterns.


Wagn Weals+module picture


Action Chains