expand_less Every Decko card has one and only one __type__.

[[RichText]], [[List]], [[Image]], [[Search]], [[JavaScript]], [[User]]... All of these are types.
To see a given card's type, click its ellipses icon ({{\_|bridge_link}})
to go to the card dashboard (or "cardboard").

Types are defined with [[Cardtype]] cards. For example, the Cardtype card named [[Image]] defines the image
type. You can create a new type by creating a [[/new/Cardtype|new Cardtype]] card.

Types are a core tool for organizing cards. To decide whether you need
a new type for a group of cards, consider whether you want to:

1. ...think up a name for each card?
2. ...create a patterned structure for the group?

As a rule of thumb, if the answer to both is yes, you probably want a new type. There are exceptions, of
course: [[\*autoname|autonaming]], casual [[\*structure|structures]], etc.

By convention, Cardtype names are usually singular, capitalized nouns.

To configure the structure for a Cardtype, click the "Configure" button on a Cardtype cards or edit
the type's structure rule in the cardboard of _either_ the Cardtype card _or_ of any of the cards of that type.

A Cardtype card cannot be deleted as long as there are instances of that type.