It is impressive how well a simple user interface works for people to send someone else a bit of money for some purpose. Just straight out gifts where the giver is basically saying, "I trust you to give back in greater measure when and if you can." It isn't even explicit, certainly leaving it open to scammers. In the new generation, based on a re-conceptualization of currencies, we can design a currency system that can have any imaginable rule-based system of interlocking flows which can be constructed. These tools will be capable of creating whole new landscapes of possibility to organize collective work. This is the core infrastructure we need to be able to Open Source Everything. Peer to peer production requires new financial institutions, which are also built of commons based production systems.

For commons based orginizations and institutions, we need to create new financial institutions based on the idea of Sovereign Accountable Commons in order to crowd-fund OSE projects of all types and scales. The financial institutions maintain the integrity of many instances of these financial commons. One can be created just like you would create a bucket on current crowd funding sites. But in this case, when you make a contribution, there is a flow of a currency representing one person's vote with cash for a cause. Now that you have a currency flow, you can program networks of agents to activate other flows.

Communities must establish their own pracitices of using these secondary currencies as circulating currencies for community-oriented purposes. You could donate them to a soup kitchen via the network of accountability commons where they have an account, and they can use them to buy vegetables from the community gardens. It doesn't matter what the community projects are, just that people can use these new currencies to express preferences that actually make community resources flow. If your project is Peer to Peer Democracy, then you may put out a whole range of projects and sub-projects related to your goal, and you can structure your currency design towards incentivizing the production of the most critical decision support tasks. Community organizations that are producing collective wealth in the commons can vote with community currencies that are backed up by community based services including mutual credit networks that can provide the necessary cash to operate embedded within the old financial systems.

In fact, that is the purpose of partnering with existing community based financial institutions. The systems of open currencies and sovereign collective organizational members of these emerging collective finance networks can then directly access the Federal Reserve system and borrow money collectively at discounted rates. We can and will dis-intermediate Wall Street from our collective decisions to collaborate under any command structure we choose.