That sounds about right.  For the most part the intention here is to host a space for conversation — with two outcomes of primary importance: 1) giving us a space within which to share ideas and co-explore and 2) generating works (whether those are papers, videos, prezi’s etc) that make it easier for others to understand WHY we are working on these things.  Those “artifacts” ideally get generated as part of the “topic” generation process that seeds each discussion rather than as an outcome of each discussion (that way we are able to have the discussion be… a discussion).  So the ideal scenario looks like:

  1. Someone in the group crafts a short, clear and jargon free piece (whether paper, video, prezi etc.)
  2. Other people read it (this is why short is important)
  3. We discuss it as a group.

I wanted to play with some support cards for the process described in the slack channel. We can implement anything we try here at if/when we want that.

I've made this card a Cardtype card, which for our purposes means it acts as a category and that we can create more 'rules' to customize it. The idea is that when someone wants to initiate one of these ops, they create new one below.

As a convenience, you can use these links to create cards for references to use for background or in short piece, etc.

Quotes are a URI reference and a quote or short description of the link

URIs are external link cards

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