Dynamic Knowledge Repositories

This is what Doug Englebart calls them, they are the central asset of a learning community.  It is where they store their knowledge as well as the dynamic social practices that makes them a community.  Here's a video of him talking to a Google audience about how they might start to implement this vision, but it turns out that Wagn has already implemented 80-90% of this vision.

One of the key DNR's will be the one about DNRs, how to make them, how to maintain them, and the evoving practices to do that.  Learning about Wagneering, Open Stewardship, and Process Architecture are some of the components of this.  Wagneering to build the DNR itself, the technology and process supports; the Open Stewardship to build community, to identify the patterns of leadership and promote them across all learning communities and the process arts and architecture to constantly improve how we work collaboratively.