I have mixed feelings,

To articulate specifcally where I have butterflies in my stomache, or feeling like I'm swimming. Lets go back to when I was completely anti-AI (yes even I was there once). My first introduction to robots that produced content was back when I read 1984 ( probably not the best introduction to the topic, live and learn ) it mentioned something called a Versifactor.

So I had been somewhat motivated to learn to program just to see what exactly was possible with programming, even if my mathematical education is somewhat ... lacking to be generous. ( Lacking for a AI developer, not for your average person. ) Eventually I came to the conclusion it wasn't robots producing content I had a real issue with, but the motivation for wanting to produce such a machine. I'm of the philosophy that anything technically alive should have the freedom to self-expression.

So it took some time for me to realize, if a machine has enough intelligence to produce content, I'm actually OK with that to a limited degree. My issue is the hyper-capitalism that seems pervasive in some sections of the AI development community. I don't believe that a robot if left to their own devices ( pun intended ). would actually desire to produce fellow creatives.

I reference this as I produced a project that uses machine learning to essentially pick a random music video from a list, and play that song for me. It should be noted however that the program doesn't write the songs, the songs are already written by humans.

The only alternative I see, is Orwell meant Jukeboxes. But it seemed like he meant something far more intrusive for creators of content.

Yet now here I am producing ASPI, the Artificial Social And Puzzle Solving Intelligence.