A Circle defined by the Agent who are committed to a declared intent. Aligning and declaring of intentional commitments to collective actions will be at the core of the system design. The IPAG Wealing Cycle will originate in these circles as actions like requesting and offerings leading to promises and commitments at the Planing stage of the cycle.

Therefore we expect and invite innovation to match and align intents and purposes, and it will need to navigate all the dimensions the bind people in relationship. That is first time, space and interests, the declared intentions being like signposts to gather under and find aligned people and possibilities to care for each other and shared concerns at the most local level where we all know the action is. The information space may be conveniently viewed and searched top down, but we connect and build trust from the local and personal outwords towards the larger worlds.

That doesn't mean we don't want to also extend up in scale with processes of collective agency both so we can share resources and gain effeciencies from scale where they exists, and also coordinate efforts that can only be addressed at the largest scales. Examples are the coordination of care for global common resources like air, soil and water the we depend on to live and sustain our living home in Gaia.

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