I am a producer of artistic media in materials relevant to the modern rural life of Mexico.  Having always lived in the villages, I am comfortable with and attuned to the backcountry traditions, which I regard as precious.  Not only because of the evident grace and beauty of these cultural forms, yet also because the intelligence contained within these forms is the product of a survival mechanism going back more than twenty centuries.  I have a special affinity for production; in Tecalpulco, this would be handcrafted jewelry made in the family workshops of the local cottage industry.  Over the years, our studio has developed a fully-functional artisan-owned direct distribution model catalog and shopping cart to allow third world producers to access an established post-commercial network of distribution.  I have seven telenovelas in production; examples: the village girl who fell in love with a bullrider, the village girl who goes to the united states as a wetback, a spanish nun who dreams the conquest had resulted in the indian women dominating the spanish men, etc.  At present we are preparing a jewelry television production revolving around village women whose loved ones are in the united states.