New Rules for Prosperity+Introduction

Reich and Stiglitz call for writting new rules, let's get really get radical and design new rules with the common wealth in mind from the start. How to pre-distribute wealth to all instead of to the few who already won.

Can we Fix Capitalism? Yanis Varoufakis vs Gillian Tett 

Lots of ideas towards a system beyond capitalism. YV says he is a socialist who says markets are crucial, but that ownership of capital as means of production is the problem. 

Capital formation is the big trick, big financial institutions cannot be "local enough", we need a way to keep viable businesses funded and allow for market entry of new companies without market power ruling the day.  Need social processes to enable participants to go from workers to leaders. When you show you and your "company" have the necessary competences, the means of production are provided from collective assets. Not run by a big government, but by "rules of the game", that make for level competetive playing fields. What you can "win" is limited, and growth isn't from "re-investment", surplus goes to different flows that fund new growth owned by the producers in newly created entities.