Resources are the flows of things in and out of a process. Agent and Event can also be used as inputs to processes, and in this case we are not considering their agency nor their active properties, but only the existential ones. The resources are the things that must be present for the event to be possible and successful, and they may be consumed or transformed from input to output phases of the process events involved when processing is active.

Resources should be specified and quantified in various knowledge bases, and this knowledge used in planning and committing resources in the pre action phases, and the value added in the process accumulated to be realized at the end of the production chain. The details of what entities own the incoming and final resources are to be informational products of the total system that allocates flows of resources realized in the production networks back into that network to produce and reproduce the elements of the network itself. That is to say, they entire networks of production needs to function as an anti-fragile system that responds positively to trials and unpredictable external inputs and changes. The individual subsystems actually need to be able to cycle through birth, growth, decline and the end of each element in the living networks that make the overall evolutionary learning system become more capable through these cycles of the karmic wheels or weals of living.

See Resource Class for information on other types of resource.

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