User Story cards are stories about care currencies and their communities. These are both execises in future imagining and sources for design work and projects. We want to eventually develop Pattern Languages for the architectural and systems sciences that will form the foundations for our designs. As we are at the start of this work, much of it will remain for future work. The design of this systems is to be of service to the workers who care for any domain of work and interest, and we intend to create the digital media systems and networked assets to permanently maintain and provide access to the digital wealth of all fields. Using patterns for creating social nodes for the causes or care and their commons assets. The value flow based systems will automatically create digital artifacts as the care currencies flow and efficiently manage the flows of critical limited resources with full cycle care. We say that care currencies can be the foundation of a just world economic order. One that feeds, educates and houses the people and not faceless corporations. One that lives in health and harmony with each other within the scope of our Gaian home.

And if you want to go to the stars, by all means get together and create care currencies and commons assets to do it. I might want to take a trip if it gets far enough while I'm still around. If you think you can get to the stars if the Earth is dead for humans, guess again.

Imagine a future history where care currencies save the day. Tell the part where your teams and networks were a critical part of it. What is your part in an open, caring future? 

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