Given that wealing is cyclic, there will be patterns of wealth building.  We propose a common pattern for the wealing cycle and invite further collaborative exploration of this cycle.  The cycle begins with an invitation to a shared intention to produce some result.  Then it procedes to a phase of negotiation that produces plans of action and agreements and mutual understandings of the tasks and spheres of action.  Action begins as soon as you start planning and agreeing.  Resources are being allocated on a timeline starting now.  Planning and action recurse and iterate producing a fractal structure of action within action and with coordination across scale.

Finally, when an action completes, acknowledgement is given, evaluations and after action reporting are the currencies of this phase of wealth building.  The record of small accomplishments and acknowledgements at the immediate action scale (two to five or so people coordinating to do something directly)  provides the visibility these actions need to guide actions toward collective wealth building (wealing).  In the cash economy, this is where the money changes hands, the check is written and cashed, and the relationship is complete.  Whether you are in a gift economy or inside a firm that intends to have a learning organization the acknowledgement phase is always just a pause on a cycle that renews itself on each turn.  Feedback is for getting better at what we do and gratitude is what we feel and express for experiences well shared.