Tow the Line

Given the Circumstances

I don't trust any of you. Why? Because you don't know me, you don't trust me. Everyone who knows me trusts me. Not because I've earned it, but because of who I am. What I do and say is open, scalable, applicable and based in my own trust for the person who indwells me. If you know and trust him like I do, you shall know and trust me. It's that simple. If I deny him, he'll deny me, and I'm I'm not willing to let that happen. He lives forever, so I live too. I can't say that I've lived forever. I don't remember. But I'm sure in my mind that he does. So, there.
   Thank You, g'night.

"Jesus put death in its place." Greg Boyle

From my dialog with Pam: "...then reflection, and sharing of insights and different prespective .. and then dancing out to be more stuff in practice ref - "lines of reasoning .. threads, strands.. whatever." per me Charley Quinton- yes the looping together appropriately... via Pamala McLean

Pamela is different. She lives in the UK which I used to call England. Perhaps we shall meet some day I don't know. We "dance" using ideas, words, phrases, simple text. Text has lived forever. I think the physical universe is itself a form of text.
   Landscape of Change

The Tactile Sense

Touching uses our main organ, the skin. A skin in terms of software should become a membrane much like our skins. The hands are where our temporal lobes terminate. If we close our eyes and find a quiet place, we feel the temperature of the air and if a breeze is blowing, we feel that too. Not all that profound, I know. But the sense of touch is primative and close. It's a big part of our "wild" selves.
   Danah Boyd -- Networked Norms: How Tech Startups and Teen Practices Challenge Organizational Boundaries

I have a dream, vision of some session logic that deals with attention like an attention brokerage. Paying attention is much like paying and recieving money in a way. You give your thoughts and recieve other's thoughts. The value of what we share grows as we begin to understand each other's dreams, schemes, visions, plans, hopes, expectations, and what ever products stream forth from the conversations.

Now artifacts produced by volunteers get released each minute now by the dozens into everything from the Public Domain to a full "Here it is. Have fun!" copyleft sans-licence. But we also have Share-Alike agreements which require attaching some attribution data and information onto the thing, song, picture, movie or chunk of code. We need some light-weight structure for helping folks get proper credit.
   See Mark Dangeard's proposal

I'm looking at this article and read "I want to begin by telling you about a shift in computer programming, a radical reformulation of how software is developed. The implications of this go far beyond the world of software development. It fundamentally challenges how people think about the production of cultural artifacts and intellectual property."
Another article says, "We have simulated interactions of individuals facing social dilemma situations, where it would be favorable for everyone to cooperate, but non-cooperative behavior is tempting,” explains Dr. Thomas Grund, one of the authors of the study. “Hence, cooperation tends to erode, which is bad for everyone.” This may create tragedies of the commons such as over-fishing, environmental pollution, or tax evasion."

The life we want to live requires only water, land, some equipment and some help. Working together, living simply on the land provides ways with means together from the rainfall, the wildlife, the natural habitat already suitable for squirrels, rabbits, field mice, owls, eagles, ducks, geese... they are there to show us the way. We bring with us chickens, more tame ducks, pigs, dogs and cats, horses, cattle, goats, sheep, and whoever wishes to tag along.

Once we are in motion, we just move. Please get out of the way.

Yes, it seems selfish of us to simply cross your road any time we want, day or night. It's your responsibility to watch out for us. You are a guest in our world now. We were here quite first. So YOU sit down and shut up, asshole.

The Session

Session means recording.. list: microphones, monitors, phones, drums, keys, guitars, the basses...

That stuff is always set up and ready to go..
   It's the Sandbox, man!


$72,000 USD buys the whole kit - The BOMB - The Bill Of Material Basics