Welcome to my little corner of the Web.  You are welcome to come in and visit, stay for a moment or make your own space here.  Please, create an account and profile, I'm really interesting in hearing about how everyone else is coming together, collaborating and building a shared future.

Most of the time, I am busy building open tools for collaboration like Wagn, git@github.com:GerryG/wagn-cldstr.git, and Metacurrency, and learning and new architectures that complement these tools.

Many of us have been working together and seperately towards a vision we can barely articulate to ourselves, and I, for one, am much encouraged by the movements of young people across the world.  I don't pretend to have all the answers, and I am following in the footsteps of countless visionaries who have created a foundation for this work.  Most have heard of Albert Einstien, fewer of Buckmister Fuller, and even fewer of Doug Englebart whose team invented the mouse and much of what we take for granted in desktop computing today.

The first thing to notice is that in naming these visionaries, we are overlooking many-many more who contributed to making these visions possible.  We don't acknowledge these leaders for doing all the work, but for articulating the vision and an invitation to join in.  I'm inviting you to join in too.  My vision is to complete the work of the visionaries.  Well, not complete, you don't complete an open ended vision, but to make it real, to bring it to life.

Englebart's vision of learning organizations collaborating in the construction of knowledge repositories is complemented by the commons base peer production capacities developed in open source software and now being adapted for new kinds of production.  While I love the scope of Fuller's geometrical visions, they are mainly a solitary vision that needed "buy-in" from the structures of economy and production to move forward.

Link in, Turn on, Drop in!

This site is very much a work in progress, and you are warmly invited to contribute.  I have a rudimentary Blog function that needs some work and for me to write posts more often.  I welcome the creation of user or topic blogs here, as well as contributions to making the blogging more functional with expected blogging features.

There are a lot of 'private areas', which are restricted in read access.  That's just because these are preliminary ideas.  You are invited to join the inner circle to view those areas, and as you would expect that will make you "part of the family" and we will be interested to hear what you are up to and what projects you want to contribute to.

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