Architecture for the Future

In the search for meaning I have noticed that the field of architecture is deeply involved in this search as well. Architecture is the opening to design in the most general sense. The concept of pattern languages comes from a move to encapsulate the wisdom embodied in a history of lived experience that built human structures without architects, from a vernacular that related the human social processes of living and building.


Social Process Architecture or just Process Architecture introduction

Architecture and design are always a place for many-disciplines to collaborate

Articulating the big challenges for the near future

From challenges to missions: Many are already gathering and organizing around big missions. Building solidarity by articulating the big vision (maybe as a map (CBPP))

Components of Future Human Architecture:

Money and currencies (anything that is an artifact is subject to evaluation on all dimensions (effectiveness, efficiency,necessity, desirability)

Modes of production and collective architectures (history and possibilities)

An essay can only point to these possibilities, it will be an massive collaboration over years and even generations just to establish the collective structures to address this great work. We need to shift to collective processes that embody more wisdom. AI is not enough; intelligence is ungrounded. Wisdom and consciousness are emergent in embodied minds, and not in any formal logic abstracted from a lived world.