I apologize for not getting to this sooner. I did nominate John, and I hope that what I said was good enough. Thank you for doing this. I admit that I have been feeling very anxious for a lot of reasons. That has been stopping me doing a lot of what needs to be done.
[[Debbie]].....2019-03-09 16:44:29 UTC

Hi Debbie! I'm just getting back to this now and trying to catch up and put together a nomination. Thank you so much for your nomination of John! I think and hope that any and all of this just helps support, strengthen and enCourage his efforts to keep moving forward in the directions his visions move him. I hope this space might be a place we can all return to for that or sandbox brainstorming. I relate (as JS does in his way) to the anxiety.... and hope you feel it lifting enough to move forward on any and all dreams. much love.- D
[[Darlene Charneco]].....2019-03-18 19:50:04 UTC