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there is a webinar:
registering for our webinar on March 5 at 3 PM EST (to learn more about nomination and submission process) I think it might be good if we Both nominate him?...
we can brainstorm good ways to present for nomination and then as far as the actual submission if JS is chosen to continue this can be a way to help him put together what is needed for the full application

If ok, I think I'll just start by putting out thought fragments and a short list of things you/we can all work on articulating and editing together over time? John, perhaps you can play with filling these in with descriptions of the various projects and maybe Debbie is good at editing down to the essential and shaping things formally and compellingly?
Describing John Stone Eyeclectic's work with:

International Peace Garden at Nimisilla Park with The Ulster Project youth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4J9vfz4QIc    a unique perspective of how a public space, such as Nimisilla "Meeting Tree/Heart of the Heartland" pARK can affect not only vistors but the world beyond its borders.
Nimisilla Park Vision (Future)


Photography as Therapy workshops and exhibits: how "The Beauty of LIFE in Perception Park" exhibit Eyenhances a coffee shop or restaurant experience


Empathy from the Empire" exhibit in the Fifth Avenue Gallery of the Empire State Building, touching visitors from many different nations and walks of LIFE


Mother Gooseland


LOVETrain (description of the original launch experiment and larger future vision) concept trainsforms a Train and the Heartminds of riders who continue to carry the effects!

working with mayor, attending meetings, creative presentations, getting people to see outside the box, using languagePlay to shift perceptions