Intergenerational community and knowledge sharing ... Towards Wisdom Schools

  • Telling Stories
  • Making Histories
  • The Cultural Singularity
    • Long views: Paleontology
    • Middle views: Anthropology
    • Historic views: Writing and formal history
    • Enlightened views: Plato again Modernity and Eternety
    • Modern (Post?) views: Formality, Positivists and Scientisms
    • Current views:
      • Accellerating change, and scale invariance
      • Off the charts -- this time is different
      • The long view (repreve) -- because scale invariance, something real is always happening in the current moments.
  • Ways forward
    • Universal languages and the Tower
    • New Human Sciences of Design - Process Architectures
    • The new Demos, the people of ? what do you identify with, Gaia, Futurism, Space colonies, Life extension
    • New Stories about Open Futures