This is how we will distinguish the things we are committed to.  This can be as small as going to the store, or as big as saving the world.  We articulate and tag our intentions so that we may find alignment, allies and supporters.  We also articulate our highest aims to inspire ourselves and others.  In the crafting of global shared intentions we are also connecting ourselves in specific, local networks of engagement.  If we are later able to view both completed actions and the ongoing networks of engagement, that is more source material for further connection.


Any data representation of interests needs to handle the multi-scale, network connencted nature of interests.  People will use different language and attach themselves to different aspects of an issue, and our systems need to find a way to connect any semantically connected intentions.




Interests have the same scaled, networked nature as intentions, but instead of being our commitments they are where we declare how the intentions of others affect us.  Our interest may be simply to be informed of their progress, or we may want to oppose an intentions that is harmful to us.  Active interest might involve paying an Open Source developer to provide some specific enhancements or just to speed up their schedule on work wanted by both parties.




Intention: Confluence model of collaboration -- Espians