expand_less Point, Line, Area Volume: 0 1 2 3 Dimensions Tetra can be a transformation of these.
I just heard that: points (nodes) are volumes and connections (strings) are volumes. I'm like that's it exactly: the connections are the contact between nodes, the area of overlap between neighboring (extended) objects. The objects, being nemes, are geometric wholes themselves, maybe smaller by one scale increment.
Those QGR people have lots of resources for cool presentations about E8 and their theory [[https://t.co/Mip3TjMvEF|Quantum Gravity Reasearch]][[https://t.co/Mip3TjMvEF|Quantum Gravity Reasearch]]
But even though you don't follow much/any of the math, I think you get some of this intuitively. They have some great graphics. Because all of this is based on lower dimensional packing it is all intuitive (mostly) to the regular and distorted tetras models.
For me, Point is a reduced Volume at the next level. The [[Of_Monads_Turtles_and_Spherical_Cows|spherical cow]] of the model/theory. Saying 3D-tetra volumes taken as an object of a category (node) then characterized by connections (strings) that represent metaphorically a 2D of contact around the strings. Most of the energy (thermo/compexity) is in the patterns of energy in these links. Sounds resonate as waves of thermo disturbances.
We can stay in 3D (4D with some time links) and keep going to a higher scale in the system (wrapping), or as is the case with the physical systems, there are these other dimensions all related to the micro-forces that make it all work at the base level.
I guess this is how the whole reality stack is grounded at the foundation level. And there we find the Ouroboros-like geometric thing that is actually based on the 3D Platonic Icosahedron.
Now, I think form follows function, but these forms are so deeply recursive the show up in pretty much all function. Chicken/Egg.
0 1 2 3 = 1 2 3 4 (dimensions vs points, this many steps is sufficient but for foundations)

1st point of awareness
2nd awareness of other, 2 Nodes, an apparent dimension
3rd awareness of difference, the relations of pairs of objects, nodes
4th awareness of re-established wholeness at a higher level, now the Point (1st, zero) on the next higher space.