My Personal Wagn Circle

 Today's Wagn Circle will be featuring this Wagn and "personal Wagns" as a general idea.

I created this Wagn because I wanted a permanent place to gather my notes and thoughts as we collborate in creating gift economies.  I became a partner with Ethan in building Wagn because I wanted to create infrastructure for gift economies. I wanted to add "metacurrency" affordances to Wagn cards in order to actively prototype those tools.  I thought it made sense to have this be a wagn subdomain, so as  to not distract from the web development mission of Wagn as a whole.

Until I began to really prepare for the Wagn Circle, I hadn't really thought too deeply about the purpose of this Wagn and "personal wagns" as a general idea.  One thing that struck me right off was that I haven't done the work I need to do to extend an invitation to this site.   Not just an invitation to read these posts and maybe comment, but to become co-creators as well.

Network Weaving

As we begin to explore the idea of a gift economy, there is an important leadership role that emerges, that of the Network Weavers.  The first thing I wanted to do on this wagn is to gather my personal contacts, so I created the Contact Cardtype, and made all the details of these cards private to a Role, Staff.  For a network weaver, their personal contact database is not a trivial resource. If you make a bad introduction that becomes an imposition to an important person in your personal network, you may jeopardize trust and consequently any ability to contact them again.

One area for Wagn development that is to be able to securely share contact databases.  I'm not even sure how to characterize such features, some thing like "carefully controlled federation" using features not yet fully developed in the Wagn core.

An Offering of Gifts

I noticed that I do have this here, but only in a very raw and tentative way.  I post my resume and some information about some emerging work still taking shape.   I intend to more fully develop this part of this wagn.

Personal Calendar

With Wagn's fine control on who can see what, it should be possible to build Wagn features to have one personal calendar that shows the public sufficiently filtered views, and allows colleagues enough access for close coordination and scheduling.  This feature might naturally connect with subscriptions to external organizational calendars (potentially also using federation).

Wagneers Collective

Using Doug Englebart's terms, I am really interested in the meta-task of building a learning network for creating "dynamic knowledge repositories" (DKR).   To me, that's what Wagns and Wagneering are all about.  This framing doesn't limit this collective to building wagns, but simply takes Wagn to be the best core technology available to build DKRs with.  We intend to create the necessary organizational structures to support this work.